Are you an owner of a Barcelona property or a vacation rental agency that has apartments to rent in Barcelona, then we would like to offer our services to you, for.FREE! With our team of experts and professional working 24/7, we can improve your apartments' visibility on the Internet for vacation rentals, holiday rentals and short term rentals in Barcelona.

What we Offer

• Reservation management:.FREE

• Online apartment listing:.FREE

No commission paid to us

• Internet promotion: our website is highly ranked on Google and other search engines for the most popular keywords:.FREE

• A professional apartment listing prepared by our staff. Unlimited photos, detailed description and clear pricing including VAT:.FREE

• Complete customer service for your guest throughout the booking process:.FREE

• Online availability calendars for each apartment:.FREE

• Management of guest information and details:.FREE

• We make contact with your check-in manager (or yourself if you are in charge of it):.FREE

• A personal adviser who will regularly liaise with you to maximize your occupancy rates:.FREE

• Dispatch of Final Booking Confirmation and owners' confirmation:.FREE

• If a problem should arise with your apartment, we will support you in finding alternative accommodation for your guests:.FREE

Each guest then pays a booking payment: from 10% to 17% of the total cost of the stay. This commission is put on top of the owner’s price.

The Benefits

Easy life. Operating and maintaining a vacation apartment for rent in Barcelona is a full time job in itself, but added to that you need to continually find new clients as well as satisfy the needs of your current tenants. We at Barcelona Vacation Rentals, will take the leg work out of searching for new potential clients through our tried and tested business model that has been so successful in.New York and Miami. In turn, by using us as your online rental agency, you will not only save time, but money on needless advertising.

What stress. Running the day to day functions of a holiday rental is time consuming, but with Barcelona Vacation Rentals we will handle the entire booking process from start to finish. Our staff members, who will be your representatives during this process, are of a high professional standard, as you should expect.

Increase your clients. We are at your service whenever you need us and through our intimate knowledge of online marketing and promotion strategies, we will be continually adapting to new trends in order to attract more clients. We work alongside you offering advice and guidance on a continual basis.

Quality clients. Barcelona Vacation Rentals can help you find quality clients who are willing to pay more money to get a greater Barcelona vacation rental experience.

Respect. We respect your prices, conditions and minimum stay requirements, and we will ensure that your relationship with us is a good one.

Value. We cost you nothing, but you benefit from our expertise, networks and our market experts, who can help you with special offers, last-minute discounts, and seasonal rates.

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